All our coaches collect personal data about the clients they are coaching. Without keeping notes from individual coaching sessions it would not be possible to conduct a professional working relationship with you, our client. But all this information is held by our coaches in the strictest confidence and will never be disclosed to anyone without your express permission, unless obliged to by a court of law.

In particular information gained from coaching sessions, including opinions, is not disclosed to any manager or employer.  Before the start of any coaching programme your coach will explain that the essence of coaching ethics is that it is for you, the client, and not the coach, to make any such disclosure should you choose to do so.

All our coaches commit to abide by this policy and by the ethics policy of the Association for Coaching.

See: http://www.associationforcoaching.com/pages/about/our-values

 &Coaching Ltd. keeps a central register of all our clients. This register is strictly confidential and will not be made available to third parties for any purpose.

Feedback from clients

We will seek feedback from our clients on the effectiveness of our coaching programmes.  Such feedback will be kept confidential except where the client has expressly given permission for testimonials/comments to be used in our marketing to potential clients.  We will also use the purely statistical information from such feedback in improving the quality of our offerings and in support of our proposals.

Data Security

The data recorded by &Coaching and our coaches about our clients is held in secure computer files. These files are protected by passwords, known only to the client’s coach.

Our web site does not download “cookies” to users PCs other than that required to support Google Analytics to analyse the number and browsing history of visitors only whilst they are on our site.

&Coaching is registered with the Information Commissioner as a holder of personal data; our registration number is Z9251404.

Roger Thomas

Director and Data Controller