Developing your business can be a lot like entering a motor racing championship – exhilarating and yet terrifying at the same time.

  • Change gear

    You need to change gear in order to cope with the changes required to take you to the next level. We find that our clients frequently don’t realise that they have reached one of these points where change is needed. As a result they are experiencing difficulty in progressing and are often frustrated, feeling that they can and should be doing better.

  • Transition points

    At the transition points between the stages there are usually significant tensions in the company as the culture evolves.  The management style changes and often so does the management team.  Also at these points there is both the pressure and the recognition of the need for significant change or re-focus of the management’s efforts.

  • Pressures

    Among such pressures, for example, is the need to retain enough of the “entrepreneurial” style and key staff epitomised in the first stages, whilst moving the corporate emphasis to the “control” style of stage 3.

The key to successful evolution is to recognise when you are at, or about to reach, a transition point and then do something about it.