“Running an organisation is a real challenge – that’s what should be good about it. We all relish a challenge – if we can see that success is achievable, and then we find it really fulfilling. That’s what I help managers to do”.

I’ve spent quite few years leading and supporting management teams. I now focus on helping companies to get the very best from their managers and hence from all their staff. 

I have worked with a variety of businesses including large and small companies, the manufacturing, services, technology, and oil sectors, and the public and third sectors.

I specialise in facilitating clarity and consensus in the leadership of organisations – with senior teams and with individuals.

I work through facilitating intensive workshops with management teams and one-to-one coaching with individual managers.

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Roger Thomas
07776 152020
Email: roger.thomas@andcoaching.com 

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Based near Edinburgh, I work across Scotland and some locations in England and Europe.

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