“People choosing to run their own businesses want to get away from people telling them what to do.”

You will be pleased to know that as your business coach, I will never tell you what to do, nor what I would do if I were in your position. Instead, I listen to you so that I can truly understand, and then my challenges will force you to think through your situation from a different perspective so that you will come up with your solution.

You will learn to focus on achievable outcomes that you believe in, that will stage by stage grow your ambitions and make your business more profitable.

Can you honestly say that your business is performing exactly as you hoped it would? As the person in charge, the ultimate success of your company depends on what you do and how you do it.

So if you want your company’s performance to change you will have to adjust the way you think and act in order to get different results – that’s where I can help.

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Christopher Elwes
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Based near Newbury , I am happy to work in London and anywhere else up to about an hours drive from Newbury.

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