How much is poor communication costing you?

“The US president has earned disapproval for his tweeting. But there’s something to be said for the straight-talking immediacy of his communication”

Mary Dejevsky in the Guardian, Feb 2017

Well maybe, maybe not, and a lot of people are very concerned about his use of such non-diplomatic communication.

 However in our business dealings we are often too quick to wrap up our true feelings in diplomatic language, in order to not hurt feelings or give offence , but the result of this approach can often confuse the message and ultimately cause more damage than would have been done by an initial brief and unequivocal statement.

‘Diplomatic language’ often appears when addressing individual staff issues, particularly at performance reviews where variations of the ‘feedback sandwich’ (praise-criticism-praise) are so often used.

The problem is that we all tend to hear and accept what we believe and what we want;  therefore the true criticism is often lost,  sometimes with unfortunate results both for employer and employee.

As a manager you may well think that you have made your feelings clear, but if you have been anxious to avoid being too confrontational and to spare embarrassment, there is every chance that you will not have been clearly understood.

A wrong approach in communication can have a devastating effect on the efficiency of your staff, satisfaction level of your clients and as a result, your business’ finances.

How much is poor communication costing you?

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