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How much is poor communication costing you?

“The US president has earned disapproval for his tweeting. But there’s something to be said for the straight-talking immediacy of his communication” Mary Dejevsky in the Guardian, Feb 2017 Well maybe, maybe not, and a lot of people are very concerned about his use of such non-diplomatic communication.  However in our business dealings we are often […]

Is your vision visionary?

When asking clients to think about their vision for the future of their company (and by implication for themselves personally), I am struck by how much difficulty even very entrepreneurial types can have in seeing the potential for their business. It can be hard to think of what your company can do without comparing it […]

Beware your beliefs

I was working with a client and we were discussing the power of Beliefs; there was a light bulb moment that prompted a memory from the client “years ago”. He said, “my wife worked for an antique jewellers and silversmiths and she was telephoned by a client, who said she was looking to purchase a […]

Who will you be today?

A while back I was early for a meeting with a large bank in the city of London. My meeting was for 2.00pm and so I waited at a coffee bar opposite the bank and enjoyed the rare sunshine. As I was people- watching I spotted a group of young executives walking down the street […]

Bosses shouldn’t try to be liked

This Mantra: ‘I care about whether you like me’ is obviously worthy and admirable in almost every environment except in your Business. I have seen it so often develop from an expression of goodwill into a belief and once the boss has a belief that it is important to be liked by the staff, then […]