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Coaching is for you,  if you know you could be better at:

  • building great teams

  • effectively using your time

  • setting clear and challenging goals

  • building a dynamic and successful business

  • getting the best from yourself and your colleagues

“We devise our coaching programmes to deliver measurable improvements, with a ROI for both the individual receiving the coaching, and the organisation.”

Coaching is a great place to start on the journey to build the rest of your career.

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“At first I was somewhat offended, and saw the suggestion of working with an executive coach as an inference that I was doing something wrong! I can now tell you that it was the best advice I have ever received.”

Eric Schmidt, Former CEO, Google

“…it gave me the motivation & strength I needed for the journey I had undertaken and the resources I needed on the way.”

Campbell Ross - DirectorMTEC – software development company

“The important factor for me, as Managing Director, having identified the Business Processes needed was seeing the Management Team working together, taking ownership…”

Gordon Fish - Managing DirectorMETCO Services Ltd

“I now have a much clearer vision of where I want my business to go, have gained confidence in my ability to make strategic decisions and can focus on what is important in the business.”

Barbara Cherryman - DirectorGuardian First Aid Training Ltd

Isn’t a Business coach only for directors of very large companies?

No. In fact Directors of these large companies tend to have many ‘advisors’ to call on, including non-executive Directors. MDs of smaller companies tend to be much ‘lonelier’ and find a coach to be of proportionally greater help.

Having a business coach is a status symbol right?

Well-known entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and Eric Schmidt have been coached in business so it can be seen as a status symbol, but this isn’t the reason to have one…

Isn’t having a business coach a sign of weakness?

No, in fact it is a sign of strength and professionalism. See the answer to ‘Why would I need a business coach?’
More and more executives are happy to talk about having a coach.

Why would I need a business coach?

If you were a professional sportsman/woman you wouldn’t think twice about this: there is rarely a pro in sport who DOESNT have a coach.

The coach does not teach them how to e.g. hit the ball harder. Their job is to ensure that the mindset is in the right place. We all know the importance of this in the sporting field; why on earth should it be any different in business?

Remember Henry Ford’s saying ‘Whether you think you can or you think you can’t – you’re right’.

Isn’t it very expensive?

The amount of investment depends on how many hours and for how long you need a coach.
However, the cost is not prohibitive. Our hourly rate is £200 and many of our clients use us for monthly sessions of no more than an hour or so. We don’t tie you into long contracts and you decide how much support you need.
The important thing to remember is that coaching is an INVESTMENT that helps you to get true results in all sorts of ways including financially. A good coach is like a good accountant. They pay for themselves over and over.

How do I know it will work for me?

Before we agree to work together, we have a two hour session so that we can both decide whether to continue. At the end of that session if we are all happy, we agree to proceed. If not then you owe us nothing.

How can you help me?

If you are asking this question, it is likely that you recognise something in your business that is not right. Let’s assume that you know all there is about your business and are working as hard as you can… if this is still not working and you have challenges affecting your work (and personal life as a result), then logically you need to start doing things differently. That’s where we help. See the question: ‘Isn’t it very expensive?’ You only need to invest a couple of hours of your time to discover if and how we can help.

What types of challenges can you help your clients resolve?

Well we can’t do magic like finding you money. However our job is to enable you to recognise the hidden issues behind any challenges and to help you to recognise options that without intervention you will find hard to discover.
Issues and challenges we can help you to resolve may be with staff, sales, marketing, finance, business growth and more.

Why do you think you can tell me how to run about my business?

We promise you that we are not going to try to tell you how to run your business.

If you are 100% certain that you don’t want to change anything in the way you run your business then we wouldn’t want to work with you.

However, if you feel that you could engage better with your staff, or your sales team could perform better, or you are working too hard, or you have lost sight of a vision, or just have a general feeling that things should be better, then we can help you to perform more effectively.

Isn’t it my staff that need coaching?

OK , this is not a question, but we have heard this type of comment on occasions.
Maybe your staff do need some coaching, but it is important that you, as the boss experience it yourself or you could be wasting money getting coaching for your staff.

How long would we work together and is there a contract length?

This depends entirely on you and what you want. &Coaching do not work on a fixed contract basis. You are able to cancel whenever you want. Typically our clients tend to have a fairly intensive number of sessions ( typically 10x 3 hours) for the first six months. After that many retain us for an hour or so each month, sometimes done over Skype.

Are there any guarantees with business coaching?

We cannot guarantee the results coaching will generate for our clients, as this depends wholly on whether the client makes changes to their approach in their business and takes the actions that we recommend. You will be the best person to judge how successful you are finding the coaching and that is one reason why we don’t hold you to a fixed term contract.

What is the difference between coaching and mentoring?

Simply put, a mentor is there to advise you of what he/she would do in your situation. A coach is there to help you to make your decisions as to the best actions to take. After all it is YOUR business and it is you that has to make, and take responsibility for the decisions.

Do you service a particular geographical area?

Our coaches currently cover quite a lot of England and Scotland (see our ‘Find a Business Coach‘ page)
Following an initial meeting, in many cases coaching can be done over Skype.

Can you coach any type or size of business?

Absolutely yes: even if you are just starting out you will find a coach of great benefit. Take a look at some of our testimonials above, or on our coaches’ individual pages to see the range and sectors we have helped.

Where do we have the coaching sessions?

At our initial session (which can be at anywhere you think suitable) we will decide on the venue for any subsequent sessions.  There are advantages of meeting at your office: familiar and comfortable and emphasises that coaching is work-related.  There are disadvantages in that the sessions must be confidential and uninterrupted – you should have no distractions. An outside venue, provided it’s private and quiet is an alternative; either your coach’s office or a third party office.  It’s your choice and a good topic to explore and settle in our initial meeting.

Can you coach both me and my business partner(s) together?

We can do and often have done. However we tend to find that a combination of one to one and group sessions works best, although it remains your choice.

Can I talk to any of your clients before I decide to have coaching?

Yes of course. We would be delighted to put you in touch with any number of our clients if you feel that will help you. You may also like to view some of our testimonials above, or on our coaches’ individual pages.

How do I arrange the no-obligation, two hour session?

To arrange your session, go to the Profile page of the coach that covers your area (via the ‘Find a Business Coach‘ page) to get the coach’s contact details. You can call, email or complete the form via the ‘Contact’ button.

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